Oversized silencer transportation to Romania

For the supply of industrial valves to our important customer in Romania, we also had to use oversized transport. This expeditionary challenge concerned a vertical silencer, which is a part of the valves delivery indented for exhausting a steam turbine into the atmosphere. The total weight of the silencer is almost 4.5 tons.

The system was designed for a steam flow rate of 220t/h, at a maximum inlet pressure of 69 bar and a temperature of 540°C. The DN400 pipe brings the steam to the control valve, where the steam is reduced to a pressure of max. 8 bar. The valve body is a corner construction made of 11CrMo9-10 alloy steel. Inlet valve diameter is DN400 in pressure class PN250 and outlet diameter DN600 in pressure class PN160. Behind the control valve, the steam is then distributed through a DN600 pipe to the silencer. The pressure part of the silencer is designed from 10CrMo9-10 material. The shell of the silencer with a diameter of 3 m and a length of almost 4 meters is then made of low-alloy steel 16Mo3.

The atypical SIPOS electric actuator with which the control valve is equipped is also interesting. This actuator has two motors. The actuator has a force of over 100kN and a stroke of 100 mm. Each motor works independently and has a different function. The task of one of them is precise regulation with a rebuilt time of around 45 seconds. The second motor has the task of quickly opening the valve in about 5 seconds in the event of a malfunction.