Our calculation program

Divent is a calculation program specially designed for the design and calculation of control valves. The program is conceived as a tool for the basic design of control valves, made understandable even for laymen who design or operate these devices. The aim of this product is to create a user-friendly environment for determining the important parameters of control valves listed in the following steps:

  • determining the flow coefficient of the valve
  • determining the correct diameter of the valve and subsequent piping
  • correct design of the valve type, including its structure
  • determining the expected noise level of the valve
  • identification and elimination of undesirable phenomena such as cavitation, flashing or saturated flow


The calculations and algorithms used in DiVent are based on the following valid European standards:

  • EN 60534-2-1:1998 – Sizing equations for fluid flow under installed conditions
  • EN 60534-8-3:2000 – Calculating procedures for noise prediction of control valves
  • EN 60534-8-4:1999 – Preliminary calculation of noise generated by liquid flow through a control valve